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Assemblyman Mike Miller, back row right, with Students of the Month from St. Thomas in Woodhaven:left to right: Cesar Caraujal, Errol Lowtan; Ryan Ko; Krystal Seddon-Martin and Kaila Fernandez.

Mademoiselle Hannah Daisomont

April 26,2016

St.Thomas the Apostle Catholic Academy Grade 5



Spring Fever


Spring begins with my birthday fun

Going outside, playing in the sun

Sun is warmer, winter’s gone

All the snowy weathers done

Soon there’ll be flowers to make the world bright

Wake up in the morning to a colorful delight

Birds’ nests and baby birds of all kinds

Soon they’ll be flying – it’s almost time

Trading my coat for a light spring jacket

Boy, those baby birds really do make a racket



Is this really spring? How can we tell?

Yes I can hear it! The  ice cream truck bell!

Baseball and soccer, playing outside

Maybe later, a carousel ride

The park is so pretty, best time of year

Nothing is better than all my friends here




Now I’m thinking of summer, the beach and the zoo

Barbeques, holidays, fireworks, the pool

Soon school will be over

We hardly can wait

Till spring turns to summer

And we play till it’s late





STA Members of the Honor Band which played at St Johns Prep 3-29-15

Below is the Honor Band :

Alexis Talavera's Drawing from the Talent Show

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